I was more than a bit worried about what this posting would look like after having small one’s party last week.  You see I have this huge fear that someone will come to my house and not have enough to eat.  This leads me to chronic over cooking whenever there is a party.  Which often leads to huge wastage.
Not this time though.  My food waste for the week?  2 cups of Eggnog that husband did not finish (so really it’s his fault :-))
I avoided massive party waste by:  writing out my menu ahead of time AND not adding to it at the last minute.  The rest of my cunning plan?  I pawned off things at the end of the evening on my guests that wouldn’t keep well.  For instance, we had extra homemade buns.  I kept some but sent the rest to be enjoyed by a friend the next day.  I find they just don’t freeze well enough to use some of my precious freezer space.
Also leftover:  homemade hamburgers.  I just wasn’t in the mood for hamburgers again but a big plate of spaghetti on Monday night was just right.
I took:  basil, garlic, onions and canned tomatoes and added them all to crumbled patties.  Burble away while colouring on the kitchen floor with small one and…
Check in later today to see a leftover save so good that I had to give it its own post.