I’m starting a new feature on my blog called “Monday Night Redo”.
My alternate name for it was “I can’t live in this mess anymore without going crazy!” but I think it just didn’t have the same ring to it.  They will likely show-up on Thursdays and expect the lighting to be shifty since I’ll be doing these at night.
You see, between the reno (yes, yes, I really will have photos before the end of the the decade), a child, a job…there are some parts of my house that are suffering from massive neglect.  They need redos or just reorganization in the very worst way so that finding things isn’t such an adventure.
I also don’t want to spend money on these spots so my Monday night jobs will all use what I have in the house, take an hour or two tops (if I get fancy) and bring me untold amounts of daily joy.
You will also see some bads spots in my otherwise really clean house (no really, I’m not just saying that). For instance, the nightmare that is my bathroom closet (don’t worry this has a happy ending).
Our bathroom is one of the few rooms in the house that still needs major attention.  We’ve done the necessary but it is as far from my dream spa as you can get.  It’ll do though.  THIS closet will not.
I told you it isn’t pretty.
So, drag everything out and thanks to Pinterest (storageandglee) I know that an easy organizational trick is to put bedding inside the matching pillowcase.

Plywood shelves.  Not pretty. 
The builders of this addition (in the 80’s) really splashed out on the good stuff for me.
BUT I have a tablecloth that I used last summer outside and it has a chunk that is too stained to allow it to live as a tablecloth any longer.  So…cut, rip and staple gun.
I simple wrapped the shelves like a present.
As small one would say “Da Da!”

The bottom of the closet has an ugly spot where another (very useless) shelf was removed and I am not getting into painting this space until I redo this whole thing so…more staples and the last of the tablecloth.
Isn’t that better?  Don’t worry about that little hanging corner.  I took care of that after the picture was taken.

For the past few months I’ve had my make-up in a bamboo cutlery tray.  I know that this has made the rounds on Pinterest but I thought of it during one of my aimless wanders around Homesense while I was avoiding workmen at my house.
I had bought these pretty baskets for the front door but we’ve installed cabinets and they just weren’t being used.  Yay!
Aren’t you getting the warm and fuzzies?  I know I am.
And the final product.
Everything put away but still easy to get to which means I’ll actually sustain this change.
Just WAIT until I tackle the kitchen pantry.