Yay! Kristen has made a fab button (her other button is on my linky page) to promote her amazing idea of Food Waste Friday. I haven’t mentioned this in awhile but ‘Frugal Girl’ actually started her blog in response to her disgust in the amount of food that her family was wasting. Then she started a linky party to go with it and…I found the idea about a million years later. You should head over to Kristen’s ‘House’ to see how the original does it so right 🙂


This week I actually wasted nothing BUT I had two bags of milk just go off on me.  They were within their “use by” date, they hadn’t been out of the fridge and when they were opened?  Rather gross cheese.  Well, I’m not taking the heat for those and I’ve contacted my organic dude about them. 
But enough of the bad, how about a nice dinner?
I’ve got a little roast that I’ve coated in honey mustard.  He is going to be the star of the show.
But I’ve got a lot of veg right now and if I want to avoid a long and morose posting next week I had better use them up.  Maybe it is time for the understudies to take over as the stars?
Start by trimming 3 cups of brussel sprouts.
Peeling four cobs of corn (these are actually from a sustainable, greenhouse in my area).
Add 3 tablespoons of sesame oil.
1 T. sesame seeds and 3 T. soy sauce.
Place the corn in a baking dish and butter add a few tablespoons of water too.  This will let my corn taste like it is roasted outside and we’re in the middle of summer.
Cover with foil and roast both for 30 minutes at 350.
How could you say no?
Happy eating 🙂

Hope to see you tomorrow at my “Beat the Winter Blues” Party and get your romantic ideas set to party with on Monday.