Just a quick mention to thank so many fab bloggers out there that teach me something new each week and go out of their way to drop a line and follow. 
I’m busily visiting all the amazing projects that people linked on ‘Pin’Inspiration Thursday’ and yesterday to help ‘Beat the Winter Blues’.  I promise I’ll make it to everyone in the next few days.
Work, some fun projects and first and foremost small one and husband have needed extra special tending this week.
Made Chicken Pot Pie on Facebook.
Went to visit Nanan.

Did some brainstorming about future food.

Revealed my ‘guilty pleasure’ as part of FatMumSlim’s challenge.

Had good friend over for an impromptu dinner.

Got my classroom ready for Valentine’s Day.
Used Chilli to help make an icestorm more bearable.

Did some pre-shopping with my iphone at IKEA.
Played with photog effects on instagram with a sniffle since small one chose her very first outfit for herself.
And so it begins.