Did you take the challenge?
Apparently I really needed to because look at this…or if you’ve just eaten come back later and look at it.
Don’t call the show “Hoarders” on me. 
This is not all my mess. 
Actually, the majority of it isn’t mine. 
This is six months worth of renovation mess and not having time to put things away properly.  
This is combining two houses into one while working full time and trying to raise a two year old. 
This is six months of tripping over things and this is also known as my pantry. 
Yep.  This is my basement pantry. 
I know, I know.  You’re jealous.
Now, as soon as a I have a couple of days I’ll continue painting the floor and hang curtains (that I already have WAITING) to cover these shelves but in the meantime. Everything is sorted. 
Camping equipment, ski supplies and the super, duper cold weather gear is ready to go.
The evidence of a mouse that is now “gone to a better place” is dealt (do you have any idea how terrified I am of rodents?!) with and I have a full inventory of everything that I’ve got.

These are my big bins for flour and sugar.  AFTER I took the photo I wiped them down.
Pretty bins from IKEA hold canned goods, pasta, vinegar, condiments etc.
Wrapping paper, eco bags and appliances too big for my little kitchen are stowed away but still accessible.
And the floor is still momentarily ugly.  Next time.