You knew I’d go there at some point didn’t you?
Thanks to all that participated in last week’s party and also jollied along with me on Saturday and Monday.  You are truly appreciated. 
I haven’t written to as many of you as usual as a computer glitch led to me doing, redoing and just for fun redoing again-my report cards.
Bleh!  But such is life.  Even that was made better though by a supportive group of folks that I work with and a VP who is unflappable (Really?  How many times do you get to use that word?).
I hope that you pop by on Saturday and help me “Beat the Winter Blues”  with Marilyn from ArtsyGirl and myself.

Didn’t you love turtlesandtails‘ camera love?

This is exactly what I was looking for
and is easy enough for me to actually create 🙂  Thanks to 21 Rosemary Lane
Do you have masses of decorative pillows because you like to change them often?
Her ballistic garden solves that problem by creating pillow accessories. 

 Now clever, clever folks you know what to do but if you’re new here, here’s the 411

1) link your great projects
2) follow myself and ArtsyGirl
3) grab a button from myself and ArtsyGirl
4) link to an exact post and not your general blog url
5) let’s just focus on; photography, recipes and crafts and not giveaways or businesses
6) have a fab time exploring other people’s great ideas, leave lots of comments and meet someone new
7) tell a friend so they can join on in

It’s time to be Pin’Inspired!