This week I did pretty well.  Thanks to Kristen (aka Frugal Girl) and her challenge to all of us not to waste food, I’m regularly getting a handle on what is in the fridge.
We’re having at least one, leftover night a week and I now take a really good look (even the lurkers in the back) in the fridge before I shop. 
Having said that-a black head of lettuce makes this song run through my head.
Yeah.  Remembering every song from the 70’s and 80’s…is directly linked to my complete inability to remember anything important.
But now for something yummy to eat.  I’ve got A LOT of carrots right now.  That screams carrot soup to me.
I also want something bright tasting so the addition of orange should be perfect.
I’ve got chicken stock, a 2 inch piece of ginger and five cups of roughly chopped carrots.
Squeeze in the juice of 1 medium orange and the zest.
I added 3 green onions (the whites only) to use them up.  No green onions?  Half of a regular onion would be just fine.
Cover with Chicken stock (roughly 5 cups) and let burble away until the carrots are tender.
Whizz with your hand blender (food processor, blender or potato masher will work just fine too) and season with a bit of worstershire, salt and pepper.
Just for fun, I’ve garnished with a sprinkle of Small One’s stash of wasabi peas. 
 Hopefully she won’t notice them missing.
Happy Eating 🙂