the new look ? 
Krystal over at blogdesignbysassysanctuary is a miracle worker. 
She took my baby blog and made it look like something spectacular! 
I’m really going to have to step up the rest of my game.
You all know by now that I started my blog while I was on Maternity leave with Small One. In a way it is my baby too as its grown at the same rate that my little girl has. 
It was scarily hard to hand over the reigns to someone else. Krystal made it easy. 
We e-mailed back and forth a million times tweaking (SHE IS VERY PATIENT-I am very controlling). 
If she didn’t know how to do something that I really wanted then-she learned how. 
Like, on the spot.
Sort of like my new Facebook landing page that I wanted added at the last minute after seeing “Life in the Thrifty Lanes” very cool new spot (you should check hers out-right now).
I love it. 
Now, I’ll just have to learn to add content into those nifty side buttons that Krystal created.
Also, once google sorts a few things out I’ll be on my own domain in the next few weeks. 
Thanks to…Krystal.
Oh!  And in celebration I’ve had two amazing companies agree to host giveaways! 
Those will be coming up in the next couple of weeks.