I’m starting to slowly wake up again with more and more light available each day.
Here’s the week courtesy of instagram.
We had lots of drinking chocolate after shoveling snow.

The ice was crazy on the house with our freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw weather.

More brainstorming of fun things was done.

I’ve decided to make my way through my closet by planning the week through.

Brownies were very welcome midweek.

Fatmumslim had me open my fridge to the world.  Eek!
And the winner of the Donna Hay book according to “Random Generator” is…
My Photo katielyn said…
Just found your blog and started following. I’m so excited to try the scone baked egg recipe out. Thanks for sharing!
Drop me a line Katielyn and I’ll pop this treat in the post for you 🙂