I’ve already admitted that a sure way to my heart is through flowers.  How disappointing and expected but…the heart wants what the heart wants.
Let’s go with this theme and have a bit more raspberry and chocolate.  Just for fun let’s throw some nutella in there too for some heart wrenching truffles.
These are easy peasy to make but you can use “your rock star voice” (Hey, ArstyGirl) when you introduce them to the table.
Melt over boiling water:  8 oz. dark chocolate, 3 T. cocoa, 1 T. framboise or 1 1/2 tsp raspberry extract, 1/2 cup cocoa nut milk (you need to use the full fat stuff) and 1/4 cup nutella.

 Normally when I make these I just let them cool slightly and form them into little balls.  However, I decided to put to use some heart molds that I found during my massive basement clean last week.
Here they are coated with cocoa.
 Let cool slightly and beat for 30 seconds to lighten them a bit.
 Place 1 T. in each mold.
Scrap the top with a palette knife to level.

Dust with more cocoa.

 Share with those you love or tell them that they didn’t turn out and eat them late at night.
Not that you’d do that but well, it is an option if those flowers don’t show-up in a timely fashion.