Later on today is the reveal of one of the easiest and best chocolate cakes that I’ve ever made but I thought in the meantime I’d share a 10 minute redo. 
I’m finding with these little jobs that the key is to have everything gathered before I start. 
And be ruthless.
The bathroom closet looks so great that I needed to address a bit of storage that we have but haven’t ever really utilized properly.
This looks pretty innocuous doesn’t it.
Just wait.
I’ve got a tonne of these pretty, reusable shopping bags.  So this one is going to become my shelf lining paper with a little surgery with my scissors.
Candles gathered from various places around the house.
Pretty box filled with Emergency First Aid (no drugs in here due to its accessibility by small one), hot water bottle (sometimes its the only thing that will do)…
Big containers of bubble bath, soap refills and another pretty box to hold travel kits.
Ahhh…now that means you deserve cake.
Pop by at 12:00 for the reveal.