I thought I could make myself not do this challenge but after reading Shauna’s at “Perfectly Imperfect” and Ann’s at “Sutton Place” I couldn’t help myself.

1)  I Hate with a capital ‘H’ birthdays and always have.

2)  I am so glad that winter is almost done.  I need to see green and smell spring.

3)  I have never seen a episode of “Seinfeld” all the way through.  I’m just not a fan.

4)  I own 30 pairs of black shoes (don’t judge me).

5)  I will be 42 in two weeks and am trying to not go off the deep end about that.  It’s not the number-just don’t like the whole birth day thing-never have.

6)  I don’t like any canned fish; it all smells like catfood to me.

7)  I read everyday.

8)  I worry about the fate of the world.

9)  The only time I didn’t have a cup of coffee at least once a day for the past 30 years is when I was pregnant.

10)  I am still waiting to find out I’m an adult.

11)  I want my daughter to have a perfect life and know that it will be good but can’t be perfect.

12)  I drank Jack Daniels once and can’t even look at it ever since.

13)  I’ve found I love blogging-maybe a bit too much :0)

14)  Rudeness makes me insane.

15)  God and I have gotten to know each pretty well the past few years.

16)  I think I’m a great driver but am likely not.

17)  I watch way too much tv.

18)  I’m getting tired of dying my hair and am thinking of just letting it be grey.

19)  I would love to stay at home with my kiddo but can’t imagine giving my job up.

20)  I feel guilty about not being a stay at home mom.

21)  I feel guilty about being a mom when I’m at work.

22)  I really need a holiday.  Like go away and be somewhere totally different holiday.

23)  I don’t feel dressed unless I have a necklace on.

24)  There are not enough hours in the day.

25)  I think tiaras should be mandatory when doing housework.