The planning for the week’s clothes on Sundays is really working out for me. 
This weekend I’m going to hang a couple of decorative hooks in my closet specifically for this job. 
I’m getting more variety in and I’m grabbing a couple of extra minutes each day with Small One. 

Small One’s babysitter played along on Monday when I wore; Calvin Klein dress, a velvet bolero jacket, REALLY bright, pink tights and 5 inch Aldo heels.
 Here’s me today!  I love the outfit (thanks to a bunch of folks from ‘Pleated Poppy’ last week who showed me stripes and pattern mixes are a good thing).
This is still a crappy picture though :0)
Michelle, don’t send me a flaming email about it. 
I know. 
It’s bad. :0)
Checked top (Joe Fresh), high-waisted wool skirt (Tristan), Cardigan (Joe Fresh) and antique silver pin (Great Grandmother).