Food waste was a bit of a bust this week.
We were all tired and just wanted snacks when I’d already planned and prepared larger meals.  To be honest-I was a bit bummed when I had to compost; 3 saffron buns, 1 short rib and 2 portions of homemade soup.  Boooo…
We’ll do better this week.
I have a runner-up for Valentine’s dinner that you might want to whip-up. 
It’s inexpensive, healthy and something a bit out of the ordinary. 
Our whole family loved it and it took almost no time to do. 
In fact, it almost took no time to eat up either.
I’ve got 2 T. red chilli and garlic sauce, 2 tsp. dried mint and 2 tsp. chopped garlic. Mix together.
Rub onto a lamb roast.  I’ve got a roast that will feed four people comfortably. 
Bake in a moderate over for 45 minutes (mine went double that time as I started from frozen)
A little avocado and tomato salad and one of the pretty buns that didn’t go to the compost round this meal out.
The roast magically makes this lovely sauce as it cooks and the tomato/avocado combo (toss with a bit of pepper, salt and lemon juice) cools and cuts down on the heat of the rub.
Much better than; paying a babysitter, going out in the cold and paying $120.00/person for overdone steak and a ‘complimentary’ glass of bubbly.
Instead, make this meal and get yourself an excellent bottle of Veuve Cliquot to toast each other with.  You’ll still be far ahead.