38 days until the first official day of spring!
We’re almost there, thanks so much for those that joined together. 
I know it is a smaller party. 
I know that I’m a smaller blog but you go out of your way to join up and I’m thrilled.
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Much appreciated if you do :0)
It’s back into the deepfreeze here today and we’re headed to ‘Build-a-Bear’ this morning. 
(Q. do they serve wine there?  Because I think that I’ll need it)
My surefire fix for the blues is something quick and fun to do with small one.
Here’s something that we did the other day that took almost zero time or cash and was fun enough that we’ll do it again really soon.
I picked-up some white tea towels.  If your house is like mine they will be white for about 3 seconds but they were inexpensive and I notoriously destroy them.
I had some fabric markers from a project a few months ago (library bag), so small one and I decided to decorate :0)

A creative hat helps the process.
Ok, ok, this is the kind of project only a mother could love but well, I’m the mother…
Hope that you come back next week, I’ll have a few VERY exciting announcements that I can hardly wait to share!
How was your week?
Did tackle a project that you’ve been dying to get to?
Did you make something delicious?
Did you sprend some joy?
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