37 days until the first day of spring! 

Yay, yay, yay…a busy but fabulous week made even more fun with a little bit of playing with intagram.  I think the reason why I like instagram and fatmumslim’s challenges so much is that they make me poke my head out of the sand and look around more.

I redid a tray that had been a thorn in my side for awhile.

Blueberry pie was devoured after being made step-by-step on facebook.

I was wowed by the half-time Superbowl show.

Got out my “Artisan bread in Five minutes a day” book again and we feasted.

Bought our first ever Barbie.

Had another first with my orchid actually blooming.

Taught my students how to make sushi.

Indulged in a bit of wine and some lovely truffles.

This week should prove to be super exciting as I have a few fun announcements and even a couple of changes in the works. 

Just for fun…
I think that after years and years of being a spender I have things pretty much under control.  It’s likely because I’m happy in my life.  Having said that it doesn’t mean that I don’t still WANT (yes, with all caps) things…it just means that I’m not going to go crazy and buy them.

I think that I’ll do some virtual shopping each week to round things out.
Here’s an item on my lust list. :0) 
Striped Jersey Peacoat
Striped Pea Coat from Anthropologie. 
What’s on your list?