So, in the past few months I’ve seen my blog go from 30+ followers to be much larger. 
I worked at it but still didn’t really see that coming.
I’m not huge but I’ve got a healthy readership and am loving being part of a very giving, blogging commmunity. 
I’ve been having a blast and have been helped out by some incredible people (ArtsyGirl, Bouffe e Bambini, Gingerbread, Debbiedoos, BeachCottage, SuttonPlace…) who offered suggestions, commented, provided encouragement and I’m sure cringed sometimes at my ineptitude.
Now, I need to get off my keister and give back and quick.
I’ve had this idea for awhile and am now ready for the unveiling.
I’m asking for newer/smaller blogs to contact me to be featured for a month here.
For a day you’ll take over my blog as the guest host and afterwards I will display your button on the top right of my blog for the rest of the month. 
Want some help with that? 
We can even do a joint post.
No button?
 I’ll even make one for you. 
It took me awhile but I’ve got that bad boy mastered now :0)
I’ve got my first, feature blogger ready to go in the next week or so (so excited!) and I even have the next part of my evil master plan ready for next week that involves great giveaways from my favourite Etsy haunts.


Drop me an email and we’ll see if we fit together well.