A few weeks ago inspiremeheather and randeesorganizedchaos offered a round of blog critiques and I JUMPED on the chance.  If you aren’t sure what I mean, it was an opportunity to sign-up and have two people anonymously offer likes and dislikes of your blog.  This is just gold, especially since I’ve been on a real, redo kick around here lately.

I’m making my way through the incredible suggestions that were made and one of them I’m going to adapt today.  I was asked if I could have a section where a feature recipe of the week was put.  Something quick, something easy.  The sort of thing that you could look at in the middle of the day and have on the table by 6:00 that night.

This will now be a regular thing.  I’ll put a picture on with a link to an easy recipe for a midweek type of dinner from my ‘archives’.  Each Friday I’ll change it as many people do their major shopping on the weekends.

Watch for more and more things to adapt here.


I’d love them.

Drop me a line or add in a comment.