I’m taming all of the ugly bits and bobs around the house and the other day it was small one’s closet on the list.  It got bumped up in priorities when something fell the other day and Mommy had to add to the swear jar.
It also helped that I found a sale on organizee thingies (don’t be overwhelmed with my technical terms).
This is what I started with.  Miscelaneous stuff jumbled into the closet with her party dresses.

Here’s what I was armed with…foldable boxes, an over the door hanger and an adjustable shower rod.
And here’s what I ended up with after 30 minutes of ruthless pruning.
A shoe organizer has put all her cute slippies together.  The adjustable shower rod is now a clothes hanger with a bunch of her everyday dresses at her level.
The box at the bottom holds all of her undee dee’s in a special spot since we’re in the midst of toilet training.

The two boxes on the top are for clothes that she is JUST about to fit and clothes that now need to go to the resell store.

Coats are now ready to go and extra linens are under the bed for when we have guests.
Finally her closet matches the rest of her cute room that was largely done in the summer.

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