I am seriously going to have to take real house photos before anyone reading this blog thinks that my house is an endless pit of cupboards and closets needing redos.
It’s not-well not really.
Seriously, I’m planning a week of the house reveal (from hole in the ground to livable, happy space) in March.
Presently, I’m sorting through all the photos that we touch throughout. 
There’s lots.
In the meantime, here’s the bottom kitchen cupboards.  For those of you following me on Pinterest you’ve seen my ‘Future Kitchen’ board.  This doesn’t resemble any of those photos.  So how to make the space workable until the day of the big gut?
That’s not it either.
Also not it.
Ok, this is getting more reasonable.  Some nice shelf fabric down (the non-skiddy stuff) and a serving stand that I love but only rarely use.
Perfect for pie and tart plates as well as, my beloved waffle iron.
This doesn’t LOOK exciting but what I’ve done is added a shelf divider.  It’s this neato wire contraption that doubles your shelf space.
Now, this is more like it.  I’ve added wooden shoes racks to the cupboards (super cheap at IKEA) that have tripled my space.
Small ones dishes are ready for her to grab and I can actually access my platers etc.