The other day (ok, really late at night) I happened upon a great blog through the blog hop that I participated in last week.
thisenchantedpixie is a beautiful blog with great ideas and lovely photography.
And she’s cute as a button.
She put the call out for commenters to take part in a little experiment that she’d heard about from another blogger and I thought that it sounded like a total treat.
“the idea is that the first three people to comment on this post will recieve something handmade from me this year.
the only rules are that they then:
do a similar blogpost and make something special for those first 3 commenters
and send me something handmade in return as well
great idea right?! if you wanna play along – comment below, the first three will get something handmade from me 🙂 “
Well, this doll of a girl contacted me right away and now I’m throwing it out there to you.
Want to play along?