Hope your week is finishing-up beautifully.  We’ve had almost every season here in Ottawa and have now gone back to winter.  That’s ok. 
I got a taste of spring and that will hold me over until the real thing comes along.
Something else that will put a smile on my face is my fancy new front door wreath.
It’s hard to believe that it started out with a wreath that had been destroyed during the reno.
Now from this photo, everything looks fine. 
In person it was shabby and more than a bit beaten down.
Pinterest to the rescue with a wreath from this VERY clever girl:
Savvydesignwest.  Through trial and error she figured out the method that made this project quick and fun.
Now before you worry about the state of my liver.  These are a year’s worth of corks and some are donations from friends.  I used to use them in my garden as mulch and then every garden got destroyed last summer so that wasn’t really needed but I was in the habit of keeping them around.
Insert a toothpick.
Start filling the wreath.  I took off the Easter eggs and just added the corks, first in a pattern to get going and then just randomly. to fill in the spaces.
Happy new wreath-all for the cost of toothpicks.
It’s now been up for a week and only one has fallen off so I think we’re safe :0)
How’d you do?
This is actually going to be the last Beat The Winter Blues party so join up like crazy and be prepared for something different in two weeks!  Hope to see you there!