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How about a nice soup to get the last bit of winter out of the way?
Our family had a shock on the weekend and we all need some comfort.  It’s not my story to tell right now but I’ll apologize now if I’m really not good at keeping up with e-mails this week or replying to your kind comments.
But how couldn’t you be inspired to create something great when you’re faced with this…
I’ve got a small onion (sliced), 2 carrots, 1 stalk cellery, 2/3 cup lentils (I’ve got beluga lentils here but you could easily substitute green or brown ones), 8 stalks of kale, 1 clove garlic, 1 tsp capers, 2 potatoes, 2 cups of chopped chicken (leftovers from a roast), 1 tsp. savory, 1 tsp. worstershire and 1 tsp. capers.
Saute everything, except the kale, in 2 tsp. of olive oil until they soften.
(about 5 minutes)
Add the kale.
And 5 cups of chicken stock.  This would be a great soup with veg stock and leaving the chicken out too.
Season with salt and pepper and serve as soon as the kale stalks are tender and so are the lentils (about 15 minutes).
Serve with some nice crackers (these are ones that I haven’t quite mastered yet so I won’t be specific right now) and an extra cuddle for all around the table.