Ok, again this doesn’t look terrifying. 
Too many cookbooks but well…you can’t be surprised. 
I like the paint job that I did on my cabinets but that was several years ago and this summer I’m going to be going for a Modern English country sort of look.
See my “Summer Projects” Pinboard in case your curious.
Oh!  Here’s the problem.
It’s so bad that my camera actually shook (kidding).

So I emptied the whole thing out and went around the house looking for a variety of tins and baskets.
I figured if I grouped all my spices, oils, vinegars etc. into categories:  baking, savoury, asian, italian… (ones that likely only make sense to me but since I’m the only cook I guess that’s ok).

Here’s a close-up.
See the wall paper behind?
Well, that’s what the entire kitchen looked like when we moved in. 
I know.
You’re jealous.

I used some shelf doublers to make more space.

Ahh…much better. 
Inside and out.
Now back to Pinterest and more planning.