How is your end of the winter going? 
Ours seems to be back in full force right now with multiple storms this past week. 
I’m not going to let it beat me though and am already looking towards a vibrant spring.
I’ve got a few fun projects going here for the blog and a garden plan that I need to get off of Pinterest and onto a manageable plan.
Tune in on Saturday for an announcement of the next fun party that I’m going to be sharing with all of you.
Last week’s party was amazing, as always, with more than a few standouts.
Here are a few that really pin’inspired me
Gallery Wall by Simply Living
I tend to get massive migraines with the change of seasons and giving-up coffee has not helped.  Maybe this will though…
Natural Headache Remedy with Homespun with Love
I’m now starting to seriously get into garden mode so this really caught my eye. 

Raised beds on a budget by An Original Belle
Hope you all grab a button and check yourselves out on my Pinterest board devoted just to features from this party.
Don’t forget to drop by on Saturday as well as keep your eye open for another great giveaway and more photography classes (it’s not too late to join up with the current one).
A couple of party niceties:
1)  Let’s focus on projects created by you as well as photography and leave off giveaways and etsy shops.
2)  Visit as many of your fellow partiers as possible
3)  Be a follower of Artsy Girl and myself
4)  Be inspired to do something great this week.