I’m joining up with Karah (thespacebetween) and her gang to do a little goal setting for the blog here.
1)  Should I make the jump to wordpress?  I’ve got my domain there and am starting to figure it out but I’m not quite ready yet.  I’d love to hear the pros and cons from you if you have a minute.
2)  Be better at replying to each of you who read.  I LOVE your comments and I love reading them.  I often miss replying to you as the avalanche of other stuff dumps on me.  I’ll work harder.
3)  Streamline my reading.  I’ve started doing this by creating a bloggy love board on Pinterest and now I visit as many of you as possible as often as possible.  There’s such great ideas out there but I need to be careful or I’ll miss out on other things that need to be done and most of all those precious moments with my kiddo.
4)  I’d love to attract more readers.  This networking of folks is so rewarding but I’m not sure how else to do it but…
5)  I don’t want to be competitive.  This space needs to be fun for me and for you.  I’m type A by nature and can easily get so wrapped up in the other ‘stuff’ that I won’t enjoy you.
6)  Continue to work on my photography.  I’m slowly (very slowly) getting there but there’s a long way to go.  I didn’t realize how much fun this part of my blog would be but it’s amazing. 
What do you want your blog to be?
What do you think this space should be?