You might remember this just two weeks ago.

Well, this week we are having completely bizarre weather of 26+ the humidex weather.  Canadians usually have two very separate wardrobes with one set put into storage for several months.  I am not going down into the basement and unpacking everything this week so I’ll have to improvise during this odd turn of the weather.  Here’s the kicker, apparently we are going to have snow on Saturday again.

Black chiffon shirt, polka dot of the same and then a sparkle tank makes up my inspiration for this week.

Oh, and some shoes

Ok, a lot of shoes.

No, not me but how could I resist?  Guess which part of small one’s outfit her father is responsible for?
But here is today.  La Cache wide leg jeans, Gap chiffon top, Gap cardi and sparkle wedges.
Are you being hit by three or four seasons this week too?