Small one got a new backpack

I planned out the week’s food adventures

Set up a new coffee station and muffin bar in my horrible kitchen.

Fatmumslim made me look at all of the corners in my house.

Lots and lots of shoes were worn.

Summer food was made when the temperature radically changed:  recipe on Facebook

I used picframe to see a side-by-side of small on at four months and then again at two years old.  Can you tell which one was taken by my friend Michelle (the pro)?

There might have been some chocolate consumed.

I played with some ingredients and created a new favourite:  Peanut butter and banana muffins with flecks of cocoa nibs

And shades of the ’80’s with my dayglo cardi trim C:
So what is your dream outfit for spring? 
How about this one (courtesy of Polyvore)? 
Remember, this is harmless dreaming so the sky is the limit.
Spring outfit

Dorothy Perkins cotton print dress
$89 –

Wedge shoes

Reed Krakoff summer handbag
€860 –

Oasis bracelet
$25 –

Jimmy choo sunglasses
$232 –