I certainly was. I wish that I actually could just give up that pesky sleep habit and just try all of your amazing ideas out instead.

Hey there, if you are reading this from Artsy Girl’s site it’s Jane from

This week Artsy Girl and I are trying out something different. Not only are we going to just feature three pojects between the two of us (did I mention how incredibly hard this was?) but we’re also wanting to open this party up to more of you and putting the call out for guest hosts. We have a blast each week chatting back and forth between the two of us and want to pass along the fun to you. If you’re interested drop me a line at jane_craske@yahoo.ca

And now the best part…the features.

How about an amazing dinner by

Feeding My Temple

 Didn’t you just love?

Mason Jar Easter Baskets by Messy Roost

Can you see how incredibly difficult it was now to decide?

Here’s our last but far from least…

From ‘Taking Time to Create’

What did you create this week?

Can’t wait to see just a couple of things to remember:
1)  We’d love to have you back on Saturday to share all of your springy projects.
2)  It’s awfully nice to follow your hosts and to visit other folks who are taking aprt in the party.
3)  Please remember to link directly and just showcase your; projects, recipes and photography. 

Have fun visiting and sharing C: