Did you know that I’m going to a reunion today?
A newbie blog reunion. 
Are you a smaller blog?
If you are you should be visiting
I don’t mean for followers or to promote yourself endlessly.  I mean go there just to hang out with folks like you, learn something new and have a good time.
(PLUS you get to know Debbie, which everyone should do.
She’s just that great)
Some of you will grow. 
Some of you will grow slowly (like me). 
Some will take off like a wildfire.
Just ask yourself…are you having fun?
If you are then blog on C:
At this time last year I had around 30 followers.
Don’t get me wrong, I was still having a total ball but I am loving the feedback that I get now and have met some of the best folks going. 
That’s why I blog. 
I am very type A and it is so tempting to be super competitive but then this experience wouldn’t be fun.
Debbie (over at Debbiedoo’s) is having a reunion for those of us that have graduated from baby blogdom. 
Just for fun here’s a couple of my other banners that you may have seen during my journey C:
But keep going because there is pie as a the real focus of this post.

Don’t get me started with the truly ugly buttons that I’ve made.  There have been some pretty grim ones.
Thanks for being patient.

This seems to be dessert week doesn’t it?
Sort of explains my rapidly disappearing sugar bag. 
You know, the humungous 40 kg bag from Costco?
Yep, almost gone.
Our neighbour popped by the other day with a treat for small one, a fresh coconut.
She hadn’t tried one before and we had a ball with it.
BUT I had an idea in mind for the majority of it.
Coconut Cream Pie
I wanted the amazing taste of coconut throughout the whole pie and I think that I cracked it (ok, that pun was sort of on purpose).
We opened the coconut and kept the water from the inside.   I shaved the flesh with my vegetable peeler and let it dry out a bit.
I wanted the pie filling to be a pudding texture but without the aid of cornstarch to hold it together so…
2 cups of sugar, 5 eggs, 1 can of coconut milk and the 1/3 cup of coconut water I collected from the fruit itself went into a heatproof bowl and beaten over simmering water until thick.

I didn’t want a regular pastry crust and I had shortbread dough in the freezer so I pressed it into two pie plates (you could use; a tube of prepared sugar cookie dough,  pastry, phyllo or graham cracker crumbs for the crust).

When my custard was thick I smoothed it out with 2 T. of butter.

Added a layer of shaved coconut to the crusts.

Poured in my custard and let everything cool.

Just before eating, top with a high layer of whipped cream and

Sprinkle with more coconut.

Maybe next week should be all salads?
Meh, not likely but tomorrow I do have a fantastic salad for you C: