Happy Sunday and the start of a new week.
Here’s what things looked like for me C:
Small one learned how to use the camera on my iphone.  That can’t be good.

Bacon became its own food group.

I made pavlova on facebook and…

lunch for my work peeps.

Played; that’s my name-don’t wear it out with Fatmumslim.

Avoided thinking of winter’s reappearance with shots of bright colours.

Worked on a snarky expression…for the love of Pete! Can I not take a decent photo of myself?

And it all came back to shoes.  Sort of like my life usually does.
How was your week?
To be honest, mine was only ok. 
I had a couple of people that I really quite like let me down. 
I got passed over for an opportunity that I just shouldn’t have and…it was grey.
But maybe I need to rethink and wonder if I was just being too sensitive. 
How about a good smack in the head to realize how lucky I am?!
So, it’s a new week and it is a short one so how could that be bad (Fate, that is not a challenge by the way)?
It’s a new month which means Fatmumslim has a whole host of new photo ideas for us…

And I’ve been having so much fun I’m going to attempt:

They have an awesome, awesome website.
Pop by tomorrow and find out about the next FABULOUS giveaway. 
Yes, I totally want it for myself but it’s for you instead!