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And now for bacon.  
A lot of bacon.
You see the piece I had to work with? (just scroll down a little bit)
Looking at it now I think I was actually a bit reserved in my usage and that is not a way I usually describe myself.
I wanted mac and cheese but one that tasted like cheese fondue. 
Do I have you hooked already?
I cut three thick pieces of bacon into chunks (I would normally do six regular slices).
Brown them up in a medium pot with 1 clove of chopped garlic and add 1/4 cup of flour.
Cook for a minute to get rid of the raw flour taste.

Start to add 2 cups of white wine.  Creating a delicious and tangy sauce.

Add 1 cup of chicken stock, a dash of worstershire and pepper to taste.

Add 3 cups of cheese (I’m using grated swiss and cheddar mixed) a handful at a time letting each

 absorb into the sauce.

Smooth the whole thing out with 1/4 cup of chevre (like less tang? use cream cheese).

Add a head of chopped brocolli and 6 cups of cooked pasta.

Nice two big fat pans of happiness.

Top with panko crumbs and fishy crackers.

Bake for 20 minutes until browned and bubbly (330).

Enjoy with a crowd.

Like the look of the side dish?  I put this kale recipe on Facebook a little ways back.