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Shouldn’t those gorgeous, French linens be in your house?
We’re slowly edging into spring again after hail, freezing rain and snow at different times.
Today, I actually don’t have my winter coat on.  Sort of a miracle.
This week is short (yay!) but don’t you find that you still have the same amount of work to get done?
I’ve got; a friend’s b-day, badminton coaching, a class trip, a meeting out of the school, marking, a massive pile of dirt to move off the front lawn, the Easter bunny to prepare for, full teaching schedule, staff meeting.
Oh!  And my little family. 
They are actually at the top of this list.
What to wear.
Since my Wonder Woman costume would be too chilly here’s what I’ve got on tap.
A reflection shot of me, clothes lined-up for the week, gorgeous bracelet from “The Ropes of Maine” and taking 300 grade 8’s to the “Hunger Games” meant: gap khaki’s, Cynthia Rowley top, and cashmere sweater.

How about today?
Coaching in the morning, then teaching and duty and the afternoon in a meeting means: Tom’s on my feet, Gap leggings, Esprit tunic with wide RL belt, Club Monaco massive wood necklace and Vera Wang Jacket so that I don’t forget my coat in a variety of locations.
Now, if I can only keep ahold of my phone. C:
How’s your week going?
I bet this is a big one for you too.