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So this week the writing prompt that
had me most thinking about was:
Instagram fun! Share a photo you took with Instagram this week and tell us what you love about it.
Ok, I admit that I love instagram. 
I love the immediacy of it the fun of peaking at other people’s pictures, the effects…all of it. 
You can even follow me on instagram if you’re game for it.
A lot of times (no surprise) my photos are of food. 
My fav picture lately is exactly of that but that’s not the reason why I like it . 
The other night I was watching ‘Dancing with the Stars’ with small one and my father-in-law and we (ok, I) were desperate for a dessert. 
I wanted something easy and the groceries come on Wednesday so there wasn’t tonnes in the house so I decided on Jam Roly Poly.
You can’t really get any older dessert than this one. 
It’s a steamed pudding so people have been making a version of it since the days when oven were not a common appliance in the house.
It’s comforting on a whole lot of levels from the feel of the dough, to the easy ingredients.  The steam in the kitchen and the jammy centre.
The full instructions are on facebook if you’d like them.
All that isn’t why I chose these instagrammees.
While we were enjoying my treat my father-in-law told me an alternate name that they called Roly Poly during the war; Soldier’s legs. 
He explained that the way the Roly Poly was tightly wrapped and steamed reminded everyone of when various body parts got blown off.
You’d think this would turn me off but instead I think I like it even more.  I love the idea of those young kids, trying to make a joke of the horror around them even with dessert. 
You’d have to wouldn’t you?
I think this sums up the war or actually any war doesn’t it?
You make light of what you can because you have to, survive as well as possible and hopefully have a bit of dessert.